Build your own LaTeX environment, in seconds

Cloud LaTeX is an online LaTeX editing and typesetting service
with Japanese language support

No more worries about LaTeX installation

No need to build a complicated TeX environment anymore, just register with Cloud LaTeX and use LaTeX anytime, anywhere. In addition, Japanese language support is also available without any configuration. The intuitive interface of the file tree, editor, and PDF screen supports writing, and error output is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

No matter where you are

Your documents are automatically saved, allowing you to stop and resume work at any time. The editor is optimized for TeX, with syntax highlighting and auto-completion of LaTeX commands, and you can use your smartphone or tablet to write outside the office. Drag-and-drop uploading and ZIP downloading of source files are available for easy file handling.

Flexible document creation with various extensions

We have prepared LaTeX templates for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, so you can create your Grants-in-Aid application documents immediately after registration. You can also use templates for journal articles, poster presentations, novels, and technical documents. Templates that conform to the contents of "Introduction and Document Creation Latex2ε" can also be used for LaTeX learning.


Over 10 years of supporting researchers
We are committed to operating a reliable and proven service that can only be achieved by leveraging the know-how of "Acaric," a job-hunting website with more than 150,000 registered users to date, and Acaric's experience in supporting many academia personnel.
Japanese language support
Cloud LaTeX, born in Japan, is the first service to natively support Japanese LaTeX. There is no need to configure or look up detailed instructions for creating Japanese documents. Simply select a template and edit it to create a Japanese document.
Full Lineup of Templates
The more than 100 templates include LaTeX templates for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, templates that conform to the contents of the LaTeX textbook "Bibunsho", and more. There are also templates for academic conferences and journals, for the "HuiFont" Japanese handwriting font, and for novels and essay books. Many LaTeX style files are also available including ceo.sty, which is used in the monthly magazine "Mathematics to university", jecon.bst and IEEJtran.bst, which are useful for bibliography management.
Dropbox and VSCode integration
Your sources can be synchronized to Dropbox while maintaining their hierarchy, so you can use it simultaneously with your local environment or share it with co-authors. You can also use your VSCode instead of the browser's editor, allowing you to create TeX documents comfortably in your familiar settings.
Commitment to security and ease of use
For researchers, research documents are second only to life. All connections are SSL, files are encrypted and strictly controlled. You will also have access to the latest full version of TeX Live (stable and development), SyncTeX, which enables double-clicking in your source to jump to the equivalent place in the PDF and vice versa, file versioning and restoration, and much more.